My blog and me!

Hi I am samrudh and I like blogging. I am 16 years old and I know lot about seo, blogger tricks, affiliate marketing etc. In this blog I would like to share about all the stuff I know. And yes I am also going to reveal how I make $100 from a blog almost every month. I will reveal you free tools that I found over the internet to create awesome stuff from amazing graphic making web software to seo automation tool's used by few.
I will also link to great post over the internet which are intresting and which gives out some value.

The aim of this blog is not to cheat you like other blogs but to help you in increasing your productivity, and all other stuff. I hope I will not waste your time by promoting shit. Most of thing's I recommend will be free or very cheap. I have never brought any course from the internet. Well I have read some book which will help me build a better blog ( See resource section ). But the point I am trying to tell you is I am going to help you make a little side money with little or no investment's. And these money making techniques are not only about affilate marketing but other stuff like designing websites and selling etc.

Hey and this blog is not written for anyone... It is written for me.. So I will post anything I want ( No that of course, you know what I mean ). What I mean is I will post about topics which interest's me.. And those are gadget's, new tools, app's etc... Oh! And I forgot to mention free stuff...
And don't forget this blog is free... Hosted on a free host.... And the domain name is free... So this blog is made from free. Thank you google for making blogspot... 

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