Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Are you a learning machine? Then these 3 websites will help you

Do you like to learn new stuff:? Do you want to learn how to program? Or learn other things like finance etc. Then I have got 3 websites which will help you. And best of all some of the courses have college credits.
So here we go with the list...

Top 3 MOOC sites: Sites where you can learn stuff from

1) Udacity

Udacity is one of the best websites out there that has many free courses. The courses are well designed and easy to understand. There are many courses available for college credit from san jose university.

Currently udacity has topics from computer science, mathematics, physics to business management ( and how to build a start up).
The best thing about udacity is that you can take the courses on your own pace(non college credit). So that you can understand all the concepts clearly. Check out udacity.

2) Coursera

All the courses from coursera are free to watch. Coursera has more subjects than udacity. But I don't know about it's quality as I have not used it.
There are subjects like arts, humanities, social sciences etc.
Check out coursera

3) edX

Edx too is one of the best websites to learn from. There are top quality courses from top universities. edx

So from which website will you learn? I am currently learning from udacity because you can learn any course at anytime and at your own pace. 

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