Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to make page’s like about us page in blogger?

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Learn to make pages in blogger.

So do you want to make pages like about us page or any other page in blogger? but don't know how?. Well don't worry because in this post I am going to teach you how to make a separate page for your blog.
blogger pagesI am going to show you how I made about us page and in the next post we will discuss how to make menu bar for your blogger blog. So let me start now.
First you already need to have logged into your blogger account or your gmail if it is connected to it. Then you need to visit blogger.com if you already not have. Then select your blog. In the left side bar you will see many option's like post's, layout's etc. Select pages( It is just below posts ). 
Then you need to press the new page button and click on the blank page button. Now give it a nice title and write your about page. Hey and in the post after the next post I am going to show you the best practices and tips to make great about us page. 
If you have found this article useful and good please share it!. I know this is very simple but many people do get confused about this and I just want to help them.

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